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How -to


  • Go to

  • Fill out top of form (please include birthday for kids)

  • Click "Instrument" drop down

  • Scroll down until you reach "DeSeguirant..." classes

  • Click on the preferred class

  • Click on "Preferred Teacher"

  • If "Elizabeth DeSeguirant" populates, please select

  • If "Elizabeth DeSeguirant" does not populate, please select "No Preferred Teacher"

  • In the next blank, enter "DeSeguirant.." followed by the class you are registering for

  • Please select email preference

  • Please select photo permissions (This is for MACC ONLY- ONELIGHT has a separate release form you will fill out)

  • PLEASE FILL OUT ALLERGIES - this is very important if your child has allergies

  • Please fill out food restrictions

  • Press Next

  • Fill out parent info

  • Click Submit

You should receive an automatic response from SME Preservation Fund which is the MACC parent company.  You have the option to set up an account with them.  This is optional as after registration, Elizabeth and Onelight Studios handles all invoicing and correspondence.  

VERY IMPORTANT:  If you do not hear from Onelight within two business days, please reach out to to receive your welcome packet!

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