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Presented by

Studio Nine Dance

Onelight Studios

Mountain Arts Community Center

December 15, 2023

6:00 PM



Creative Movement Wednesdays

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Dancers: Zoe Bennett, Ella DeSeguirant, Ellie Mansolf, Wren Pollis, Wraylee Smith

Music: Nat King Cole

Choreography: Elizabeth DeSeguirant

Creative Movement Thursdays

Creative Movement Fridays

Primary Ballet Wednesdays

Joy to world..._3x_3x.png

Dancers: Addison Byrd, Claire Curtis, Avery Faulkner, Adelaide Gaff, Maggie Jackson, Hadley Jeffcoat, Nadia Ling, Elle Matheny, Violet Ronan, Harlow

Rusaw, Avery Sherbakoff, Eleanor Stephens, Caroline Tonahill, Zoey Verrilli, Ruby Wade, Thelka Welch, Mollie Wetsel

Music: Ingrid Michaelson

Choreography: Lauren Day

Pianist/Vocalist: Liv Whitfield

Teacher: Amy Cloud

Jingle bells_3x_3x.png

Pre-Ballet Wednesdays

Deck the Halls_3x_3x.png

Dancers: Avery Brown, Abigail Castrilli, Lucy Henchey, Lily Stockburger,

Malaya Thompson

Music: Michael Buble, The Puppini Sisters

Choreography: Elizabeth DeSeguirant

Junior I Ballet Tuesday

Junior I Ballet Wednesday

Let it Snow_3x_3x.png

Dancers: Anna Catherine Armstrong, Harper Benefield, Lily Clifton, Emmeline Davis, Alani Gohl, Mallory Haynes, Emma Hodge, Olivia

LaPorta, Mary Louise Lindner, Hollis

Swansbrough, Elouise Todd, Jane-Yi Welch, Vivian Wyatt

Music: Various Artists

Choreography: Lauren Day

Onelight Adult Dance Division and their Little Lights

Dancers: Elizabeth and Ella DeSeguirant, Aileen, Clark & Warren Litwin, Callie and Edie McMahan, Meaghan Fitzgerald and Piper Setterlund, Mattie and River Waters

Music: Pentatonix

Choreography: Elizabeth DeSeguirant

 I Saw Three_3x_3x.png

Level 1/2 Wednesdays

Silent Night_3x_3x.png

Dancers: Maisy Ferguson, Vivi Ferguson, Evangeline Henchey, Piper Henchey,

Norah Lull, Harper Mansolf, Jane McCarthy, Sydney Millsaps, Chloe Thompson,

Scottie Ward, Liv Whitfield

Music: The Piano Guys

Choreography: Elizabeth DeSeguirant

Pianist: Cole Rusaw 

Teacher: Margaret Cooke


Junior Contemporary Tuesdays

Ave Maria_3x_3x.png

Dancers: Anna Armstrong, Harper Benefield, Cora Jane Chapman, Elizabeth Faulkner, Maisy Ferguson, Mallory Haynes, Anna Louise Hildebrand, Emma Hodge, Olivia LaPorta, Mary Louise Lindner, Ellie Mondy, Heidi Rusaw, Vivian Wyatt

Music: Rayond Scott, Arthur Fielder, Al Hirt

Choreography: Lauren Day

Junior II Ballet

Twelve days_3x.png

Pianist: Vivian Wyatt

Teacher: Margaret Cooke

Dancers: Elizabeth Faulkner, Ella Hodge, Adelaide Mondy, Olivia Moody

Lydia Welch

Music: Charles Gounod, Yo-Yo Ma

Choreography: Lauren Day

Carol of the Bells_3x_3x.png

Teen Jazz and Contemporary


Dancers: Madeleine Fosbinder, Ella Hodge, Adelaide Mondy, Isla Moore


Choreography: Elizabeth DeSeguirant

join us in the cafeteria for a celebration reception.

Thank you_3x.png
Special Thanks_3x.png
Very Special_3x_3x.png

to all of our incredible dance families for your continued support and for the privilege of training your talented dancers this semester. We look forward to seeing you in the Spring!

our generous volunteers.

Amanda Clifton

Devon Faulkner

Elizabeth Gaffney

Nicki Haynes

Hope Henchey

Jenna Hodge

Allison LaPorta

Leah Loeffler

Jessica McCarthy

Mary Lynn Millsaps

Krista Rusaw

Martha Sanders

Melissa Sherbakoff

Rebecca Wade

Samantha Ward

Erin Wetsel

Catherine Whitfield

Sharon Wyatt

the generous staff of Mountain Arts Community Center

Richard Graham

Cheryl Graham

Ryan Walker

has been performing, producing, teaching and choreographing dance for over two decades.  She founded Onelight Dance, a project based company, in 2015 and Onelight Studios in 2022.  Learn more about our programs here at the MACC!

has enjoyed an extensive career teaching, dancing and choreographing locally.  Having run the Studio Nine Dance Studio here at the MACC for over six years she is dedicated to helping each student find joy, confidence, and their own voice through movement.

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